Need advice on my training partner's cycle

  1. Question Need advice on my training partner's cycle

    I already have mine laid out thank to you guys. Now I need a little advice for my training partner to make sure he get's the most out of his cycle. He doesn't have a PCT laid out yet and is unsure of what on-cycle supps to take. He has run this in the past without a PCT and experienced great gains, but had the usual post cycle drop off. Here's what he's planning on running...

    7 Week Cycle:
    DBol - 100mg EOD
    Halotestin - 10mg ED

    I'm asking for your advice because I'm a beginner and have no experience with these compounds. Do you guys see anything wrong with this cycle? What recommendations would you make? What would be a good PCT for this?

  2. I would lay it like this Test 500mg weekDbol 20-40mg Ed Halo it's up to you and if he used it before Becasue I like my higher doses.

  3. So you would suggest he run an injectable test base with this?

  4. ttt for some more opinions.

  5. No test? gains seem promising and keepable

  6. 100 mg dbol on top of halo sounds stupid to me.

    And without test he or you will feel like sht

    And obviously pct was crap because by drop off I take it he lost everything

    Just do a straight test cycle don't go halfway, grow a pair and inject

  7. That cycle is dumb. Run test e 500mg for 12 weeks. Run 50mg dbol the first four weeks to kick start. Also I recommend something like aromasin 12.5mg eod.

  8. ^agreed

  9. Test can even be lower to access tolerance,sides,etc. Say 300to400. **** even a trt dose will be a world of difference, 200 a week. Just know that even a trt dose will shut off your bodys natural test production, try some hcg to combat that.

    You came here for it is. Dont end up ****ing your liver levels etc with orals leading to marginal gains compared to a test cycle. Welcome to the darkside....

  10. Thanks for the info fellas! This really was a question for my buddy. He's not into internet forums and I'm just trying to look out for him. I already have my cycle laid out. I'll let him know what you guys said.


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