First time ph stack

  1. First time ph stack

    What's up fellas, I am wanting to try a ph stack for the first time. Any info or opinions would be greatly appreciated. A little back ground, 4 time state powerlifting champ, 4 years college football, bachelors in health and fitness, have personal training experience, professional firefighter. I have many years of lifting experience and with supps. Just not with pro hormones. Supps taking right now, c4, amino 1, multi, protein, creatine mono, fish oil, triflex. I am a 30 yom, 5'8, stay between 195 to 200. I have been doing a bunch of research lately. There is lots of info out there along with a lot of bs. Pretty much having trouble deciding what to go with, what stack, what pct, and for how long. Also something on my mind is how would this affect me due to my job, work in very hot and stressful situations every day on the job. Anything you guys can give me would be great.

  2. Helladrol.

    Weeks 1-6
    Hella 50/75/100/100/100/100
    Liver support of your choice
    Forma weeks 4-6
    HCGenerate weeks 4-6

    Clomid 25/25/12.5/12.5
    Post cycle/ unleashed combo
    Finish the HCGenerate and forma you have left
    Maybe DAA (its pretty cheap)

    If you want to get fancy throw a test base in the mix. Transderm or something similar.

  3. Another option is a simple SARM's run. Cheaper, not complicated, and a lighter PCT. probably cheaper too. Osta and S-4.

  4. If you run a legitimate halo clone you should have to run it above 75mgs for 6 weeks. Try that or Epi at 30-40 mgs for 6 weeks with CEL Cycle assist on cycle and a PCT of something like Nolva, and PCT Assist

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Sinister View Post
    Another option is a simple SARM's run. Cheaper, not complicated, and a lighter PCT. probably cheaper too. Osta and S-4.
    Could definitely go the Sarm route, good gains and leaning out with minimal suppression, no back pumps, chance of high blood pressure or really any sides.



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