Tren and acne... and how to prevent it?

  1. Tren and acne... and how to prevent it?

    Whats up guys, i am planning to run a tren A /test E cycle in 3/4 months more, however, i am concerned about acne, on my previous cycle i had SEVERE acne on back and shoulders, it was so severe that i sometimes even avoided sex.... and also that is one of the main reasons i did not continue the log and posted pics..... now after 2 months being off cycle and also treating acne with everything i can, i see that is getting better, but i still have it i would say its 75 percent cured :/, is tren worse than test e for acne? how do you avoid acne with tren, or any other compound?

    i am not sure what is making my acne get better now, because i am eating super clean and also i am using a lot of stuff to treat it, but i dont want errors, i want to study and learn to reduce the margin of error as much as i can

  2. When I did my first test cycle I got some pretty bad acne scars on my chest and some mild ones on my face. That was like maybe 8 months ago. I then did 3 months of Accutane at 20mg/EoD, then another 3 months a 20mg/ED. Been on 500mg/Test-E, 300 mg/Tren-E a week for the past 6.5 weeks and had only a couple breakouts, which I think are mostly due to being too aggressive with trying to get rid of the scars on and drying out my skin. Also I should probably try and remember rinse off my face whenever the tren night sweats wake me up.

    I'm sure some people will recommend against it, but Accutane works. Doctor prescribed it back when I was in Highschool, when my back was absolutely covered in scars and breakouts, and that got rid of 90% of my acne or so, and taking it just recently has pretty much eliminated my breakouts entirely. I also use the acne kit from, but it stops being effecting soon after you stop using it. Accutane is the only thing I know of that gets rid of acne for years after you stop using it, if not permanently.

  3. I use choppers body wash for bodybuilders. Miracle stuff brother. There's only one place to get so don't get fooled. It treats dandruff,acne, much more stuff. Oh And I get the extra strength one.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by RH2012 View Post
    personaly i'd avoid the steroids that give me acne. i wish i had. i have bad scars on my back now and i regret it. surely you can find one or two that doesn't bother you that bad. you will probably end up the same size after a few years of training anyway.
    but anyway, yeah accutane will probably work, i'd use the topical, and oral antibiotics, which may screw up you intestinal flora. i've heard that vitamin b5 works but i haven't tried it.
    Accutane is not an antibiotic like tetracycline or doxycycline. Accutane is a retinoid, a deritive of vitamin A. The topical version can be helpful, but it does not work the same as Accutane. Most people that I've talked to use it for getting rid of scars or for spot treatment of breakouts that have already occurred, you just have to be sure to not dry out your skin with it. It might help with preventing breakouts a bit, but it is nowhere near as effective at preventing acne as Accutane is long term.

    B5 can also be helpful, as it definitely does reduce the amount of oil your skin produces, which is good for preventing acne, but it is not permanent and will stop being effective when you stop taking it. Good for taking on cycle when you are at an increased risk for acne, but if you need to take B5 to prevent breakouts while off-cycle you're going to have tons of breakouts on cycle.

    I think the biggest reason Accutane gets a bad reputation is because doctors prescribed dosages too high. Virtually everyone should have their acne gone with 20mg ED or even EoD, but a decade or so ago some doctors were prescribing 120mg/ED. You're not going to get better results from overdosing, just more side effects.

  5. One of the best ways to limit acne is to lower the test dosage.
    When running tren you don't need a high dose of test, keep it around 250. Any higher and you'll just see extra sides. The tren is doing the majority of the work.
    Keep up on toco products (vit E) and your other antioxidants.
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