Next Cycle Test E/EQ

  1. Next Cycle Test E/EQ

    I will be starting this cycle after July 4th, let me know what you think.

    I will be running this for 12+ weeks, depending on a variable I cant control. If all goes well, I will run it for longer.

    Win - 50/day 1st 6 wks
    Test E - 500/wk
    EQ - 300/2x wk
    HCG - 500IU/wk starting on 2nd wk

    Nolva - 40/25/25/25
    Anastrozol - .25/daily 4wks and also have enough for during cycle in case of gyno.

    I'm 28, and 189 lbs. Not sure of my BF but would say 17%.
    My diet is great right now.
    I've been in the gym for years.
    I'm hitting 245x10 on bench.
    I'm solid and big, but not defined.


  2. Does anyone have any comments about my next cycle?

  3. I'm starting the same basic cycle in 2 weeks, I'm using a dex while cycling and higher eq. Definitely gonna follow this, be interesting to see results.

  4. Thanks for responding!

    I see a lot of people using this general set-up, but would like some information on tweaks or advice.

  5. I wish I could give you something but its my first cycle as well. I'm sure some vets will pipe up.

  6. I wish I could help man, but it's my first cycle as well so I'm on the same boat as you. How frequently are you injecting? I'm sure some vets will pipe in.. You should log this cycle.

  7. I really wish I could get some assistance. I have everything ready, but I heard I can use half the BAC im supposed to use and get the same effect with the HCG. Can someone at least give me advice on it this is correct?

  8. give it time, once your thread gets more views people should pipe up and give you some help with it. When it comes to HCG and Bac water I see no reason why you wouldn't get the same effect, your talking about reconing it in bac right?

  9. And a bump for you lol... advice on cycle would be to run a AI during cycle, that's all I got
    Why not zoidberg?

  10. I agree with that one, a dex should be added while on cycle IMO

  11. It doesn't matter how much bac water to add. It only matters what your comfortable pinning sub q. If you use 2 ml bac water then 250 iu of HCG is 10 units in a slin pin.

  12. The dosing on test and EQ are solid. I'd try to run it longer than 12 weeks with the EQ, but as you said that is out of your control.

    What is the rationale for winny at the start of cycle. I'd run it at the end.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by hiprsha666 View Post
    The dosing on test and EQ are solid. I'd try to run it longer than 12 weeks with the EQ, but as you said that is out of your control.

    What is the rationale for winny at the start of cycle. I'd run it at the end.
    Was told it causes immediate expression, so you dont have to wait the regular 5-6 weeks for the Test and EQ to kick in. I have been seeing conflicting posts about running Win or Var at beginning or at end.

    Also, Anastrozol is an AI. I have enough to use on and off cycle.

    Thanks for the feedback!!

  14. Well winny is a cutting drug so that's why I'd be inclined to run it at the end.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by hiprsha666 View Post
    Well winny is a cutting drug so that's why I'd be inclined to run it at the end.
    I have enough Win for 7 weeks. Should I split it in two? 3 weeks at the beginning and 4 weeks at the end? or vice versa?

  16. If possible run EQ 16+. Save winny for the end of the cycle. Winny will dry you out and might cause some joint pain so dont start your cycle with a bad start.

    What was your past cycle?

  17. First cyce was when I was a lot younger, but it was Test E for 13 weeks,
    Then I was testing out a new supplier, and it was Var only for 12 weeks.

    I had no adverse sides from the Test E, and the Var leaned me out pretty good.

  18. Sounds good. Make sure to always have Test as your base when running another compound. EQ takes a long time to fully kick in and needs to be ran at higher doses.

    Make sure to also have your support products in check as well.

  19. As of today I'm on week 6 of a test e 400 and EQ 400/w cycle. Weight up 13lbs but disappointed with strength improvements. That being said, things are finally starting to roll. Libido been all over the shop but had some good advice on here which has helped. Added proviron and now the concrete boners are back!

  20. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I could get my password to work.
    I ended up getting enough to run 13 weeks and here's where I am so far.
    My cycle started 29 July 13 with:
    Win - 50 mg/day (kick start)
    Test E - 250mg/2x/wk
    Eq - 300mg/2x/wk (I know there is no benefit to taking Eq 2x weekly instead of 600/1x/wk, but to avoid sticking myself twice as much I went with 2x. 3ml syringe wont hold it all for one stick.)
    Win will end 18 Aug until I have 4 weeks left, and then I will start taking it again to finish cycle.

    Almost a full 3 weeks in and I am up 7lbs body weight (196). I am hitting 255 8x on bench. Cut 30 seconds off my run time. I have gained half an inch on bi/tri (17 inches now). Also, I have cut about two inches off my waist.

    Im about to start HCG, but I was told I shouldnt mix it with my Test and EQ. I know that HCG is very unstable, but would it really get messed up by mixing in with my other gear? Im trying to avoid having to stick myself in the gut just for HCG.

  21. Take HCG. Make your life much easier when coming to pct. you will probs need estrogen protection though

  22. I think I may be confused. AI's and AE's are the same thing right? Anastrozole is A dex. Thought I wasnt supposed to take that until PCT or if I get nip sensitivity.

    Happy, do you know if I can mix the HCG in with my gear or is it to unstable?

  23. The google answered my hcg question.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by ThisIsATest View Post
    The google answered my hcg question.
    I always prefer to take hcg subQ, separate from any other pins

  25. Another update.

    My libido was steadily increasing for the first two+ weeks. I was seriously like a kid who had just discovered bewbs for the first time. I was popping random boners, and staring at girls for a second too long. At the start of the 3rd week, it started to drop and now its leveled out again.

    I have also noticed some dryness in my joints, but I upped my fish oil, and got some krill oil and it went away.

    Sunday will be the last day of my Win kickstart, and I hope the Test/Eq takes over from there.

    I will start my HCG on monday, and will do Sub Q in my gut like I should. Anyone know if a 1 inch needle is too long for Sub Q if I angle it in?


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