dhea metabolites

  1. dhea metabolites

    If you had unlimited funds and you chose to run a dhea only cycle what would you run and for how long? I've seen people say that they would run products higher than what the recommended dosages are, but I have also seen people say there are diminishing returns with dhea products and that more isn't really better. People also seem to say that you need to run at least an 8 weeker. I'm leaning more towards the forerunner labs products being mass and bulk but most sites I go to have run out of mass, my main fear is running this stuff for eight weeks but not getting my money's worth because I could have bought more and got better results if I dosed it higher.

  2. if money wasnt an issue at all? 10weeks of 1.5-2x recomended dose of bulk up, which would cost like $1000

    since money is an issue though, i dont do dhea

  3. Alright fair enough lol, thanks

  4. lol ok but to answer the question you actually wanted answered. frl is good. people do dose higher than the recomendation though and for good reason; because they recomend the dose on the low side lol

    just dont expect much because they are dhea metabolites. you wont get superdrol or even hdrol-like gains and itll cost you more money to run the cycle than it would a methyl cycle.

    and youre right, you should go at least 8 weeks on any dhea cycle. reason is because dhea takes about 4 weeks to feel/notice any effects. that would sort of render a 4 weeks cycle useless

  5. That helps, I guess I don't understand how people use them to mitigate sides from a heavy cycle, I mean if it takes that long to notice effects



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