Raloxifene - Does it need PCT?

  1. Raloxifene - Does it need PCT?

    Hi guys,

    got gyno after a cycle about 5 months ago, ran letro for a couple of months with not a great result, then afterwards gyno got slightly worse.

    I'm planning to try raloxifene for an extended period of time. Now i know letro was my best shot but im grasping for straws here and hoping my body responds to this better.

    My question is do you just taper off raloxifene or do i need some form of PCT? also is it safe to run for 4-5 months

    thanks for any [email protected]

  2. Raloxifene is like torem, clomid, tamox, but I don't believe it has the ability to jump start the HPTA.... get bloods before you keep self medicating yours... what were you running when you got gyno do you know if it was prolactin or estrogen induced?

  3. i was running a h-drol clone, helladrol i think it was.
    I'm just going after raloxifene as a last resort lol like i said grasping for straws...just wondering if I need anything after I take it? will it shut down estoregen, or give me rebound etc

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