Help with pct confused.

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    Dude just drop to 60mg. You ain't got much of a choice here, go 120 first 3 days then 60 the rest of the week then
    Week 2: 60
    Week3: 60
    Week4: 60 every other day sense you can't split pills(saw this suggested on another thread because of the long half life of torem)
    Thank you so much! You are a nut saver.

  2. Haha nice

  3. And just for future reference plan the whole cycle and do more research before you do another cycle there's a thread somewhere on here with cycles fully laid out plain and simple just don't remember where. That and there's logs on just about every pH/ds aas and whatever else lol. Aaaaaannnnnd buy liquid serms from now on :P

  4. Thx man, will do.

  5. Hey if I take pes erase, how many should I take a day and should I taper??

  6. Your lack of respect for the things you have put in and done to your body is astounding. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH... that is all lol there are more than enough logs on the internet to read for a year on the questions you have asked, try reading and absorbing.
    Why not zoidberg?


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