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Mixing brands of epi?

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    Mixing brands of epi?

    Getting ready to start an Epi cycle. I have one bottle of Havoc and one bottle of LGI Epi-10.

    Supposedly the same Ph, but named slightly different on the "ingredient panel".

    Will they react the same way?
    Should I take a whole bottle of one, then switch to the other to finish the cycle? Or would that be like switching compounds entirely?
    Should I take 2 havoc and 2 epi-10 each per day to mix them to avoid the above mentioned scenario?

    Should I just grab another bottle of each?

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    They're both perfectly fine bro, take them however u want.
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    ill need 2 bottles (and a little from a 3rd if i up the dose the last 2 weeks) to run my 6 weeker this summer so ill probably have to mix 2 brands as well
    ill probably be doing something along the lines of: 40mg/day will be 30mg from a very trusted source and 10mg from a less well known source
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    Both brands are G2G

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