stano/sd 6 weeker

  1. I am running sd 10 mg for 6 weeks for a lean bulk, along with stano by competitive labs...anyway it's not my first run with aas/designers, but first time running stanodrol anyway I am running 600 mg...just making sure that is enough dosage for the stano? I'm 5'10 212lbs 12%bf by the way

  2. I ran the same thing and loved it, but I would bump up the stano to 800. You going to log it?

  3. From what I have read most people end up with a dose of 1000mg/week.

  4. I'm starting the same thing in 2 weeks. I'm going to run the stano at 800/800/1000/1000/1000/1000/1200/1200.

  5. Yeah 800 is minimum imo. 1000 is good. 1200 is better

  6. Awesome, thanks guys...I'll try 800 and go from there...I love 10 mg for 6 weeks of's a lot easier to keep your gains after pct..IMO. no I didn't log anything..I logged my last run

  7. I would recommend doing something like 10-30 mg for 4 weeks or maybe 5, don't like the idea of running SD for 6 weeks even at a low dose


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