Epistane cycle... Shelf life!?

  1. Epistane cycle... Shelf life!?

    Ive heard of Epi's short shelf life of 6-8 months and was wondering if i had transferred the pills from the original bottle into a different pill bottle would that effect the shelf life? I Bought the bottle of IBE epistane in January thinking I was going to pulse two bottles but I changed my mind and only ended up cycling one bottle. Now I'm wondering if the second bottle (no longer vacuum sealed) is still good to use? There is no expiration date on the original bottle that I can find, any suggestions? Should I scrap the epi and order more/something else?

  2. I'm running an epi cycle now. 2 weeks in and it feels like it always does. And the epi I'm using is 12 months past the use by date on the bottle. Bottle wasn't sealed either, as I'd run a cycle with it 12 months ago.
    There are a bunch of threads here about use by dates and why they are so short. My experience is that the stuff works just fine well after the dates.
    No science behind this comment. Just know that it works for me.
    Stocked up on mdrol etc ages ago and that all still works as before too.

  3. prolly good long past the exp date. Its not like the stroke of midnight they lost all potency ya know?
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  4. Might be stronger actually as it might break down to being PheraPlex.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by harbonah View Post
    Might be stronger actually as it might break down to being PheraPlex.
    that is what I was gonna say.....the people using it 1 year past the date and leaving it out in 90 degree heat probably end up getting the same or better gains from it degrading and converting to phera lol

  6. For me if something is getting close the the exp date I just vacuum seal it. Ziploc sells vacuum seal bags and a little vacuum sealer its very handy


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