Stopping test e cycle after 5 pins

  1. Stopping test e cycle after 5 pins

    Having to stop cycle due to injury, shoulder popped out of place and is guna take 5-6 weeks to recover..i've been on test e for 2.5 weeks (5 pins worth), was shooting 500mg/week (250mg per pin)

    what pct will i need to run?
    i have nolva on me at the moment, will this be enough?

  2. By the time it clears your system you will have about 3 weeks worth. Since being safe is always my best imo i would run 20mg of the nolva ED for another 3 weeks and keep an eye out for any issues.

  3. Just stay on and continue to do cardio at the very Least (even some type of lower body pressing movements can be implemented) by the time your shoulder is good to go test will be in Full swing :-)

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