H-Drol First PH Cycle

  1. H-Drol First PH Cycle

    This is going to be my first cycle. I have done research for a while and would like some of the "experts" on this topic to help point out any flaws. I am 99% sure I have everything right but I would just like a few suggestions or comments on this cycle. Thanks in advance

    ProHormone Cycle

    Pre-Cycle (2 wks)
    CEL Cycle Assist

    H-Drol Cycle (5 wks)
    CEL H-Drol 50/75/75/75/100
    Upping it to 75 one day 4/5
    CEL Cycle Assist
    Fish Oil
    *** MegaMan Multi-vitamin(will be using in post-cycle as well)

    one in morning and one at night when taking 50mg
    one in morning, one pre-workout, one at night while taking 75mg
    one in morning, one pre-workout, two at night while taking 100mg

    Post-Cycle (4wks)
    Toremifene caps
    120 for 3 days. 90 next 4 days, then 60/60/30
    CEL Cycle Assist
    Kre-Alk Creatine
    MusclePharm Z-Core PM(other suggestions?)

  2. Wrong place..... This should be in the Anabolic section.

    But not a bad set up. I would stay at 75mg the whole time. No reason to jump around. Monitor BP, and drink water. Eat enough to make good gains.
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  3. Bump curious to how this goes man!
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  4. moved
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  5. Yup I agree with sixxer, just run 75 throughout

  6. Good luck man. I'm about to run the exact same except different pct. Quick question do you guys think a week of preloading life support is enough pre cycle?

  7. Throw some taurine in there 3-5gs. Back pumps are a bitchh.

  8. id just take the big dose in the morning instead of night. other than that, woudnt change a thing


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