Who thinks wwe ryback is on cheq drops!

  1. Who thinks wwe ryback is on cheq drops!

    This dude is goons lose it! Least we know where all the worlds tren has gone lol

  2. I don't know about the cheq drops but I do know that ryback is awful. Ask Detroit hammer about the cheq drops.

  3. Yeah the rock has all the worlds tren, that's why when he rock bottomed John cena he tore up all his ab muscles lol

  4. Lol I just think some builds in wrestling are great, my son loves it! For the amount of cardio they'd have to do they keep alot of size, cenas arms are tremendous the old wrestler Batista had a ****ing killer body

  5. John cenas arms are TRENmendous lol. Google any wrestler and steroids if u look at wwes wellness program quite a few have been busted even smaller guys like Rey mysterio.

  6. Oh yeah reckon 90per cent are on! Maybe a few like cm punk arent he doesn't have that look. Would love to know their cycles and programs either they are on and never off or pulse, reckon cena is using gh his jaw bone seems to be getting bigger!

  7. If u go to steroid junkie .com they lay out different wrestlers cycles. They have cena, Batista, triple h, randy orton just to name a few.

    They all use hgh a lot if them have gotten busted with that more then roids.

  8. Lol ill check it


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