Ph help

  1. Ph help

    Im lookin for a good ph for mass. I tried retaliation by **** and loved it but I don't want to pay 119$ again. I'm 5'9 170 I work out 6 times a week.. 2500 cal a day 200 g protien 150 carbs.. I'm new to this site but not body building.

  2. Skip ph and go right for the test, do some research and find a good source. Also research proper pct and ur golden. Test is gonna be best for ur buck.

  3. Ya I'm looking in to test e. a lil hesitant on ordering off the Internet though. I was just wondering if ph were worth the time . I hear they are and I hear there not lol. Thanks for the reply .

  4. They are worth it, but from what I've learned from being here from vets and running ph myself they come with more sides and actually higher price,

  5. So what kind would you prefer? I was looking at mammoth from **** it's crazy ingredients.. Im just keeping my options open.

  6. Epi would be worth 10 lbs if you eat hard and train hard

  7. What's an effective dose for epi?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dark horse View Post
    What's an effective dose for epi?
    Everyone responds differently. I would start low and work up until the side effects start to become too much

  9. I am just finishing an epi cycle that I ran like this 30/40/40/40/50/50, but IMO I should have in even higher, but then again some people respond really well to epi, for me I guess I felt it helping me get ripped but not with any aggression or insane lifts.

  10. Ok thanks for the help epi it is!

  11. Since u have ph experience you could run epi and halodrol with a strong on cycle - n2Guard/aegis. Any thoughts on that anyone? I typically like to run 1 compound solo and then stack it once I k ow what it does for me

  12. Epi solo is fine. The only thing I would stack it with is trenazone, or bridge it, but that is once you are more experienced.

  13. Yeah right stack epi with stano, it def helps with libido and lethargy.

  14. Ok thanks I realized the mammoth is expensive cause it has 40 mg of epi in 1 pill and its has trenavar M14add hexadrone cyanostane carbopol dam even more lol all I 1 pill and u take 2 a day .. I reacted well with retaliation and pro furry mass and there both strong .. I thank all of yal for yal reply I'm gonna run epi.

  15. Epi & stano is a great stack

  16. Great info thanks all.


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