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    Since we're considering...3 years ago I was in a spot where lifting didn't matter anymore, it wasnt important. Im back in it, and I think my base is fine for having done a couple cycles along with unmonitored nutrition for 3 years and minor exercise. But the explanation isnt owed really to you.

    I have all my ancillaries ready. I remember this flavor of the AI Cycle support. The peanut butter flavor makes me cringe and gag it down. I have to tell myself it tastes better than it really does.

    Im going to kick this off on the 25th (Wednesday)

    I started doing hip thrusts as a new tactic to increasing my deadlift/squat.

    Here is the final review of the cycle:
    Week 1- 4 Mdrol 20mgs
    Week 4-6 Epistane 30mgs
    Week 1-8 Cycle Support sups.
    Week 7-11 DAA 3G or Sustain Alpha 4 Pumps ED
    Week 7-9 Nolva 40/20/20
    Week 7-10 AI 3/3/2/2/1
    Week 7-11 Creatine 10g
    Why do you feel that you need 10g of creatine a day?
    IF you want to load, do 20g for a few days, then knock it down to 3-5 grams a day.
    Personally, I would just start at 3 grams a day and continue on for the rest of your lifting career.
    You shouldn't need to load while 'ON'.

  2. I took some cabergoline (dostinex caps) and still sensitive but it does seem less sensitive than 24 hours prior to first dose... im bumming out right now...

    Im also bloated as hell too. I can feel it. Would some one say this is not prog. estrogen related?

  3. Alright, so the dostinex is working great. .5mg every 3 days. So far, so good. Also noticed the bloat has gone away as well. You wouldn't believe me but the first 2 days on cycle I gained 8lbs and felt very bloated now I can see my abs again, and everything feels alright.

    Im enjoying the amount of workload I can complete in the gym now, obviously. Other then that, diet is pretty good for the most part. Workouts are good, I challenge myself more too.

    Day 8 starts tomorrow. 21 days left.

  4. So far so good. I have to stay on top of the tuarine for the muscle tightness. Strength goes up every workout. I notice I get pretty sleepy within the first hour of consuming a capsule of mdrol. Im always craving carbs.

    I do wish I waiting sometime and just ran a real cycle.

  5. I went through a lot of taurine on simular cycles. 6-8g a day to keep the back pumps at bay.

    Alpha sustain is great stuff! To bad they don't make it any more. It's awesome in pct.

    M-drol can completely shut you down fast. While I'm not a fan of Nolva I would use min 4 weeks.

  6. Im paranoid towards the end of this cycle, its given me limp dick before.. LOL...I could always pop a cialas/viagra to ensure stability and performance!

  7. Everything is going well.My workouts are a bit longer with more sets. My volume is still up. I felt the lethargy kick in from MDROL always an hour after taking it so I would usually take a nap.

    My bench has gone up by 6 reps w/o a spotter.
    Legs, good
    Biceps, good
    Triceps, good
    Shoulders, good
    Calves, ok (still pushing)
    My back is looking pretty good too.

    I ended up bridging this cycle into Epistane @ 50mgs for 4 weeks. So far, so good. I should be off of this cycle by the 2nd of September.

    Alright guys, Im out for now. Everythings good.

  8. I'm with gymrat 100%
    Run them separate.
    Buy another bottle of EPI for another cycle. You can never have too much EPI laying around. Make it count. 5 weeks @ 40 mg. 2 weeks just annoys me.
    Run the Mdrol solo and PCT. If you want to stack or bridge, Just get real gear or find a non-methyl. This still doesn't make sense to me.....

  9. Mattherby what do u take for pct

  10. Quote Originally Posted by mbk102 View Post
    Mattherby what do u take for pct
    I take naps when I find the time. Now go do some research you little thread-jacking supertroll...

  11. Looks like an interesting cycle, but I'd run the nolva instead @ 20/20/10/10
    Just my .02
    Good luck, have fun, and be safe

  12. Just an Update guys...Cycle was good. I definitely miss real gear. Around Jan I might do one... :]

    However, this cycle...its my 5th day off. Im poppin boners perfectly fine. I actually lost a little sex drive on EPI.

    Im slathering on Sustain Alpha 4 pumps for 5 days, then off for 2.
    Taking 3/3/2/2/1 of PES Erase
    DAA 3G ED (split dose)
    Nolva at 40/20/20
    Running a little mix of Creatine Mono, AAKG, Beta-Alanine

    Im done running PH's unless Im kick starting a real cycle but even then I could use Prop...

    SD and I have this bad re pour with one another. For great gains I always get a hurt shoulder. I've always stuck with dumbbells but when I cycle I go to the BB for benching because I feel it builds the entire upper body much better than dumbbells.

    I brought up all my lifts substantially. Deadllift went up 65lbs, squats 45lbs, shoulders 15lbs, Bis 25lbs, bench 45lbs, Tri 40lbs+

    I got what I wanted thus far. If I can keep the strength I imagine the muscle will stay, and then I can begin density training to solidify it better with heavier weight.

    Now, I have until Jan. to really kick some ass in the natural department. What do you guys use when you're off? supplement wise?

    I felt 5x5 training was the best training method I've used for cycling.


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