Premaid 1-Test Cyp

  1. Premaid 1-Test Cyp

    Who Make premaid 1-test Cyp Besides VPX?

  2. I don't think anyone else does anymore. I believe everyone is sold out since it is so close to the ban date.

  3. I can't find where it was on this site but some body was selling it for 15 for 1g

  4. That was USP Labs, but they are all sold out.

  5. Is there any where else?

  6. I think your only option would be to homebrew. Bulk Nutrition has the powder still available. It is not too hard to make. It will probably be cheaper too. Just do a search here and you should find all the info you need.

  7. Hm Gear...but at 50mg/ml I wouldn't even try it...

  8. I do, obviously not for long.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by dazed
    I do, obviously not for long.
    Daze I hope you are not talking about your mixing oil/solution?
    You will still offer that after the ban correct?

    I most praise the solution everyone complains about the pain of 1-test. Not with Daze's stuff fantastic!


  10. Quote Originally Posted by dazed
    I do, obviously not for long.
    You do what?

    Have the 1Test Cyp premade?

  11. Yes, I make sterile solutions of prohormones.

  12. I have nothing but praise for Dazed and his services. Top notch company, top notch guy.

  13. What can I use from Dazed to make my 1-tesy Cyp?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by dazed
    Yes, I make sterile solutions of prohormones.

    I didn't see 1Test Cyp listed on your website. Did I miss it?

  15. It's the First thing listed

  16. 1-dehydroandrostanolone is 1-test. I never like the name 1-test because that really refers to boldenone.


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