Neeeds sereious advice

  1. Neeeds sereious advice

    Hey guys so my initial plan was to do a test e cycle for 12 weeks at 500mg per week.
    I bought one vial of a guy and two vials of another.
    The first vial i started was prop not enanthate becuase i after injection i could move my arm for a week and also i saw weight gains and muscle maturity by the secoond week. I knew this couldnt be enanthe cause it take much longer to kick in well i am now in my 6 th week and have started the proper enanthate which was a much thicker liquid. My gains have slowed down alot but my strength is increasing.

    So should i get another vial and run enanthate for 12 weeks or just run it for the 8 weeks with the 4 weeks of prop already used?

  2. Anyone?

  3. Sounds like you could have gotten anything, there's other things that feel like prop and act like prop.

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