newbie after some advise and info

  1. newbie after some advise and info

    Hi all

    I am new to this, hence the thread name and I was street some info and advise on what will be my first cycle. I am a regular gym goer and have been lifting around two years now with ok results and gains. I would like to cycle something that will help me build muscle and mass, I'm not after cutting at the moment. I have done quite a bit of reading bit as you may appreciate, it can be harts getting past abbreviations and acronyms. I'm also unsure on effective pct and what should be used in certain cycles. I have looked at andromass, Abby experience with this? I read that new users should stay away from beastdrol as its pretty potent.

    Any suggestions on products and cycles that may help me? Its then look to start a log.

    Thanks for any help you may be able to offer


  2. Google Hdrol cycle or Epi cycle and pct for those compounds. Andro series come with less sides typically and therefore you can recover more quickly

  3. Cheers, ill have a looks at that. Is that the best thing for a beginner cycle?

  4. I'm still in the process of putting my first cycle together so I can't give you advice there, but you should be able to make pretty good gains naturally. At only two years of training I would imagine you're short changing yourself by jumping on this band wagon this early on. How old are you?

  5. Hi mate, thanks for the opinion, I'm 26 why?

  6. Cycle Assist pre-load, throughout + PCT
    Week 1- first three days 50mg, next four days 75mg
    Week 2- 75mg
    Week 3- 75mg
    Week 4- 75mg
    Week 5- 75mg
    Week 6- first four days 75mg, last three days 100mg

    Week 1- Novla 20mg
    Week 2- Nolva 20mg
    Week 3- Nolva 10mg
    Week 4- Nolva 10mg

    Next time do some research on your own. I literally found this in 5 seconds.


    just change it to 6 weeks of hdrol and youre pretty much set. if you arnt wiling to get a serm, then dont even bother cycling. youll just waste your time and money losing everything during pct


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