H-drol cycle and PCT opinions

  1. H-drol cycle and PCT opinions

    I have ran Test E, Test P, Sust, Tren Ace, Dbol, Abombs, SD and a few others in the past, several years ago.

    iv gotten back into the game, and am looking for another "first cycle"

    Im thinking about doing H-drol 75/100mg ED x5 wks. thats all because of my time out, i have lost all connects with the good stuff.

    what would you guys recommend for PCT on a cycle like this? in the past i used 40/40/20/20 Tamox for everything. but now i hear about Torm being better. if its not bunk. idk if mine is a good brand or not. and if i find some good test e, ill ditch this all togather.

    thanks guys

  2. I'm in week 3 of helladrol now and liking it. I'm running it 75, might possibly do 100 the last 2 weeks, but I'll wait and see. I'm running Torem (hope its legit), forma, DAA, creatine, and liver support for my pct.
    I'd be tempted to do test but I just can't bring myself to inject. I've heard about transdermal test so I might check that out.

  3. pinning is cake bro. not as bad as you prolly think. getting the stuff to pin, now thats the hard part...

    whats the standard DAA dosage? that is a newish concept, since the last time i geared

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