Hi AM,
this is my first time posting and first time hopping on any sort of gear whether AAS or PH. I figured i would start off with something easy such as an oral so i ordered Halo extreme and osta RX from ironmaglabs because they seemed to target what sort of gains i wanted in terms of size (dry lean gains) and strength. Also i like the fact that they do not aromatize or have very low effect on estrogen production.
I want to gain close to 15 lbs (hopefully) but i would be happy with even 5 or 10 lb gains.

this is my first time on cycle and was wondering if this was in fact a good cycle for a first timer.
i was going to start with osta and halo at 2 caps daily until week 3 where i hop on 3 caps of osta and remain 2 caps of halo e/d.
looking to run about 4-6 weeks starting pct around week 4-5.
going to buy an AI to run like arimidex throughout the entire cycle (not sure if needed) and am going to pick up some clomid to run at

what do you guys think? any advice is greatly appreciated.
im currently 22, 6'3" and 190lbs roughly.

sorry if i seem like i dont really know what im talking about, trying to learn as much as possible. never looked into PH's only AAS