4 weeks into my cycle

  1. 4 weeks into my cycle

    Starting to feel really good strength is increasing fat is dropping and size is starting to add on. I stated at 189. and now up to 196!!

    Just started to add in my tren to the mix

    Andropen 275. 500mg/week
    Masteron 600mg/week
    Tren 400mg/week
    Taking hcg 2-3 times. Week

    Anything suggestions for anything else? Ill post back update next week

  2. Anyone?

  3. What is your goal for this cycle? How much HCG are you taking each shot? Everything seems ok- id probably only do HCG 2x wk(150-250mcg each shot). It's still really early. Good job on gains , but majority are probably just water so far from the test in your system building up and aromatizing..things are about to get a lot better!

  4. My goals are to add my size and drop my bf%.

    That is the amount of hcg iam taking now.

    Pct I will be taking clomid and nolva

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