HCG introduction mid-cycle

  1. HCG introduction mid-cycle

    I am 6 weeks from the end of Test P/Test E cycle. I came across 2 vials of HCG (5000IU in 2ml vial) and was wondering if it's too late to introduce into the cycle. I was hoping to kick start the test production prior to PCT. For PCT I am going to run Nolva/Chlomid/DAA and bunch of other OTC support stuff. Any advice? Leave it for the next cycle?

  2. I'd give it a shot. 500iu 2x a week should get you going again. That 1000iu weekly should get you through one vial right about the end of your cycle. Then you'll have another vial for your next cycle..

    IMHO it's always better to have testes ready to produce test when PCT starts. I don't see anything wrong with adding the HCG now even if you didn't start with it. It can only help while on cycle. I'd skip all the OTC add ins for PCT and just run your clomid/Nolva. Maybe use your test boosters another time. After using the HCG your PCT should be a breeze

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