oral vs. transdermal

  1. oral vs. transdermal

    Which has better bioavailability, also can any prohormone be used with a transdermal deliver. Would it be possible to make a transdermal out of something like epi or are certain phs better taken orally?

  2. It depends on the PH and the carrier... some are better oral some transdermal

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Veritatis View Post
    It depends on the PH and the carrier... some are better oral some transdermal
    The above is correct it all depends on the carrier and Molecular weight of the hormone plus ester weight if it has one. Also why would you make a transdermal out of Epistane it has very good bio-availability as is?

    It is obviously more complex then I stated but its a basic starting point if you want to understand more here is a good starting point.

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