First Cycle Help.....FinaFlex 1-Andro

  1. First Cycle Help.....FinaFlex 1-Andro

    After many months of research I have narrowed my first cycle to be with 1-andro by finaflex. I am planning on going with 3 bottles, doing 3 pills for sometime then bumping it up to 4 if I have no problems for the last couple weeks. Aiming for somewhere between 6-8 weeks. I have a couple of questions....

    1) Will I need or should I use a cycle support of some kind throughout my 1-andro run. For other PH's it seems to be a must, but I haven't seen anyone saying you HAVE to with fina 1-andro, and it being a non-methyl.

    2) Should I pick up a SERM like clomid to use during my PCT? Same thing, will it shut me down where I would need to get one? Rather be safe than sorry. Or what should my PCT look like. I already have bulk DAA.

    3) Is a 6-8 week with 3-4ish pills a day a good idea for a first time user.

    I am 22, 6'2-1/2 currently sitting just below 235 - guessing around 15-17% bf. Currently cutting down. I have surgery and waiting till after that and rehab to run this cycle.

    Any input is appreciated.

  2. My first run was 550 xd ( the new 2 step to deca ). Only ran one bottle at rec dose. I ran FULL cycle support including liver! Pct was OTC, Finaflex black pc + DAA + ISA test before each workout ( I know I respond well to DAA and ISA test ) . Got stronger during pc!
    If I had time again would run 2 bottles but keep to 4 weeks!
    Support supps important!

  3. had a few guys try finaflex at my gym and most said it was a waste of time.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by gymrat99 View Post
    had a few guys try finaflex at my gym and most said it was a waste of time.
    Kind of from a gains point of view, but you will still learn alot about how to cycle etc, in safety as the compounds are pretty weak so sides wont be an issue! Always better to learn the ropes first!!

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