non methyl question, what to add to current stack...

  1. non methyl question, what to add to current stack...

    currently using androfactory lean cut for 6 weeks and pbold for 8, dosing as follows:
    2 lean cut caps upon waking, 2ml pbold
    4-6 hours later 2ml pbold
    4-6 hours later 2ml pbold

    so far nothing spectacular to report on but wanted to add another non methyl at the 4 week mark and not sure what to use, thought about another bottle of lean cut for 8 weeks of both, goal is semi recomp but at minimum to maintain with fat loss. as of now im using otc pct products but can aquire a serm if needed.

  2. Why non methyls only? Those are the best ones lol. Your liver is pretty resilient bro and you can take some liver protectors to help. But other then some elevated liver values temporarily I've never had issues from running harsh orals. Hell I'm running dbol and winny together now. It's important to note that I'm not a drinker so my liver doesn't take a beating on a regular basis and has plenty of time to heal.

  3. I do not drink either, just wanna stay non methylated for now, i have ultradrol and sd on hand, ive ran methyls before and am no stranger to anabolics. Thought about mechabol for 6 weeks at maintenance cals
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  4. 11-oxo?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by StephenGarcia View Post
    Thought of that as well....
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  6. What about something like x-trenavar etc.. I dont think they are methylated but they do convert to Tren which is liver toxic but I am far from an expert on this.


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