S DMZ 2.0 + LMG + ACS + UM RX + OS! What do you think? Beast Stac

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  1. @Everyone

    Well Super DMZ 2.0 Sucks! Well anyway at 32 it does; lookslike I need the real stuff from this point on.

  2. I'm 35 and only m1t and sd do it for me on orals bro

  3. I might have to try that I just remember SUS 500 Testanate 50; stuff like that rocked. Wish I could find that stuff again...

  4. Might have just found it; another thread talking about PH Mammoth! Sounds like my kind of stuff!

  5. Super DMZ finally started to kick in; its nice but I have had better!

  6. I have a super dmz 2.0 log up. Super dmz will freeze up your nuts. So if you want to keep your sack and gains get a SERM. I'm off cycle about 2 months Nd I followed proper pct and kept most my strength and weight

  7. What if I cant get my hands on a SERM? And I just use normal PCT stuff? Will I still recover my nuts and keep my gains some what?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by needspractice View Post
    What if I cant get my hands on a SERM? And I just use normal PCT stuff? Will I still recover my nuts and keep my gains some what?
    Idk how to say... I didn't use a SERM on my dbol cycle and my gains stayed and my balls were still there. I would just run it anyways dude you never know how your body is going to react. Trust me dude you'll want a SERM I finished mine a couple weeks ago and I kept 70% of weight gains and 90% strength gains. But everyone's different. It's not hard to get a SERM prob in pill form cause it was hard for me but research liquids work and the only option you really have. There not to expensive either. But your PcT will add up the $$.

  9. @musclefool

    Can you PM me?

    I will see what I can do about a SERM. If not I will justuse Revolution PCT with OCT ORAL TEST. I have run many PH and have never used aSERM and my nuts always come back and I keep decent gains.

    I just thought Super DMZ 2.0 was going to be crazy stuffbecause of what everyone was saying and to me it seems very mild.

    I think I would have a lot more fun and notice a lot moreimpact on something like DNA Mammoth.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by needspractice View Post

    Can you PM me?

    I will see what I can do about a SERM. If not I will justuse Revolution PCT with OCT ORAL TEST. I have run many PH and have never used aSERM and my nuts always come back and I keep decent gains.

    I just thought Super DMZ 2.0 was going to be crazy stuffbecause of what everyone was saying and to me it seems very mild.

    I think I would have a lot more fun and notice a lot moreimpact on something like DNA Mammoth.
    Depends on how hard you gain weight, some people gains up to 25 pounds for me I only gained about 13 and kept 10 lbs. everyone's different, but one thing ill say about this compound is that it's fuc*ing Amazing I've never expirenced such fast and strong results, I've ran three previous cycles before. One of them I didn't use a SERM and I was fine but it's well worth it man helps you feel like your still on. And keep your gains

  11. @musclefool

    Ya man I think my body does not have that much of a problemwith PH’s. I do feel like my balls have been cut off; libido is gone; but otherthan than zero sides. I am using cycle assist which is awesome.

    I definetly not gaining 25 lbs I am probably one of the10-12 lb guys. Seems like a nice product but I think I have had better. Wellsee!

    Ill probably just regular PCT it because I am not thatworried about it. Seems to have kicked in nice but not overkill.

    Im looking forward to trying DNA Mammoth next; somethinglike that.

  12. @Everyone

    Is it right for my nuts to feel cut off and my libido to be completely shot? I thought it was supposed to increase libido?

  13. I am doing this current stack. LMG kills libido and sex drive and yes you should have no balls.

  14. What can I can to fix this? I am on Cycle Assist. I have no sides what so ever except zero libido. I was thinking of adding Trenabol for 4 weeks then going on PCT. Man that's a long time with no nuts!

  15. Personally after running a triple stack, running more orals is a awful idea. You should run your Serm, and give yourself at least 2 months recovery.

  16. @BlumpkinKing

    If I can’t get my hands on a SERM at the moment and just useRevolution PCT and Pure TEST OCT type stuff will I live or will I die?

    I want to start DMAA Oxylite Pro ASAP; when do you think Ishould start that up?

  17. Why haven't you got a serm already?? Damn

  18. Serm is like 30 bucks just get it. LMG can cause Gyno flare ups bad .

  19. @goat23

    I have never ordered TEST or SERM before so its all new tome. I once only pen when I had good insurance and low TEST and got it at thePharmacy.


    Ya I don’t think I have any gyno at the moment; just myballs have been cut off but I am taking

    Revolution PCT and Tribulus Terrestris

    Hopefully this will work until I can get more experienced


    Also here is a picture of my sorry ass; which I was a lotbigger like the guys at the gym. I just do not think I have the bodycomposition for it. I use to be a bean pole and way skinnier than this beforePH’s and working out 24/7.
    S DMZ 2.0 + LMG + ACS + UM RX + OS! What do you think? Beast Stac-needspractice.jpg

  20. For future man. Wish you the best with cruising after your cycle but, always have all your products before you run cycles. Especially a active steroid like SDMZ . Might not hurt you now but it can later if your not doing this correctly.

  21. @BlumpkinKing

    What do you think of my frame though? I am tired of looking small. I do not think I even look like I am 200LBS.

  22. Your fine man. Just remember in the next couple months your gains will diminish unless you keep eating and training hard. LMG is like 80 percent water weight so don't be discouraged if you start to look smaller cause you will probably drop alot of water weight. Diet is everything in anabolics, IMO , the drugs basically are there to help enhance it.

  23. @BlumpkinKing

    So I literally have to eat like a COW 24/7?

  24. Yea man, i mean above your regular caloric intake. You can't keep taking orals and expect to keep growing and keeping your gains at 200 pounds at 6 ft without eating. Eat clean and train hard man. Takes time to grow. Guys who take 500mg of pure test a week , eat like savages. It's all simple science. Gotta eat to grow kid.

  25. @BlumpkinKing

    Time to MAN UP! And do this!

  26. You're not gonna use a serm?

  27. Not this time but next time sure!

  28. @Everyone

    JUST FYI! I have printed out all of these comments and willbe studying everyoneís input carefully. I am currently back in college and havea 4.0 GPA. I might have acted ignorant sometimes; but that is only because I amfrustrated with this whole process. What I have learned though; that it isgoing to take years.


    1. I need a core Natural base
    2. I need to EAT more than anyone can imagine
    3. I need to Train like never before
    4. I need WILL and DEDICATION
    5. I need HEART

    I really and sincerely appreciate everyoneís comments; andlook forward into keeping in contact with some of you because you have been sovery helpful. I will be working on my natural core and when I graduated fromthat I will be ready to move on to the next level. I will be doing extensiveresearch in the meantime.

    Thank you so much for all over your support; and please ifyou have last minute advice on my journey please do not hesitate to leave auplifting comment.



    Ok. So I took Super DMZ 2.0 with LMG. Man do I feel messed up at the moment. I do not know what is going on with myself. I have had several problems and I am not sure what it is. I will list a few to see what you guys think.

    1. After a few weeks off I hit the GYM a little bit and had almost whole body muscle cramps that were severe I mean to the point where I had to take an ICE bath; muscle relaxer bath; put soothing lotion on my muscles; and take Tylenol or Ibuprofen.
    2. Joints and arms hurt; mainly in my wrist and elbows but sometimes in my back. I think mainly in my wrist and elbows because of my video game addiction problem in the past but just seems to have gotten worse; and from my back from starting to play golf a lot; I have been swinging hard and often.
    3. I think I do have a form of IBS though that is always at bay; hasnít acted up in a while but thought I would just note that.
    4. One thing I did want to mention is that I think I severely over trained. I do remember being on SDZ and my arms feeling like they were going to explode. I work out some of my body way to hard and did not spread works out around to different muscle groups like I should of. I latterly had to stop working out my arms because I could barely move them they felt so thick.
    5. I have been taking pro-hormones off and on for years since like 25. I am wondering if I did any major damage to myself? I do not notice anything major; just the fact that for example my color bone hurts always when I do dips. Like my bones are not strong enough to hold my upper body. I did have a bird chest growing up for the longest time and even my dad made fun of me. That is why I worked out so hard for so long. I was naturally around 135 lbs. and now I canít get under 185 lbs. I am just wondering if I am bigger than my bones can support; and if I am how do I fix this because I think I am all muscle and canít lose the weight?
    6. Even joints in my hands; fingers; and right toe and foot seem to easily hurt. I thought I might have some kind of rudimentary arthritis but I told the Doctor what I thought I had and when he did blood work he said that they didnít find anything.
    7. When I had it bad the muscle jerks at night I had heat flashes and sometimes sweating but I do not have any of that now; the only thing I have now is muscle twitching at night if it happens. I really feel like I damaged some nerves somewhere and they need some time to heal. My question is how long does it take or do nerves even heal if you have overtrained for like a couple of years?
    8. [MAIN PROBLEM] Sleeping. This goes off and on it is so weird. I get these weird muscle twitches like jerks that only happen when Iím trying to go to sleep. It will come and go; like one time it lasted for a week and I went to the Doctor and had blood work done and he said everything was fine; and it finally went a way for a while. Then like a month later or sooner it will pop in and hit me again and mess up my whole sleep schedule and I canít sleep at all. Then after a few days it goes away. I do not think I proper PCT at all for this cycle and I am afraid that I messed something up. There was one time however that it was acting up and I started talking Revolution PCT and it fixed it. Then just last night I took Revolution PCT; Pure TEST; Cycle Assists and 300 MG of Magnesium; and it happened again. I also worked out very mildly a couple hours before bed and half a beer only early that day. I havenít been drinking at all. When I wake up I feel great; walk around no problem; go to school; nothing noticeable. My elbows feel a little wore out and so do my wrists; but thatís it.

    Guys I could really use your help. I have really bad health insurance. I can go to the Doctor up to 5 times per year and only up to 500 dollars per visit. I already used two for my foot and one for the blood test. I do not know what to do? I have never had this sleeping problem before when taking pro hormones. I do not know if it is Super DMZ or just finally all these pro hormones finally caught up to me. Is this healable or has anyone else had this problem?

    *I did take some OxyElite the DMAA version for a while and did not like that. Maybe a couple of weeks.

    Here is what I am taking off and on trying to figure out the right dose to give me sleep:

    Finaflex PureTest
    Finaflex Revolution PCT
    Tribulus Raw Power
    Competitive Edge Labs Cycle Assist
    Natural Vitality Natural Calm [Been taking this every night]

    Sometimes I take at random times:

    Osteo Bi-Flex [I think this one could be a problem]
    GNC Maximum Greens
    Flintstone Vitamins
    Equate One Daily Menís
    Equate Calcium 500+D
    Vitamin C 1000MG

    Thinking about taking to see if it helps:

    Lift Mode 5HTP

    I know that some of you guys are going to say that you are on too much stuff. Well sometimes I come completely off of everything for like a couple of months and eventually the sleep muscle twitches come back. The only other thing I can think of is that I have very low testosterone at the moment. Last time I had trouble sleeping I took Revolution PCT and Magnesium and I sleep like a baby for a long time.

    The only other trigger could be

    Gold Standard Whey and the amino acids in it. I had a small protein shake before I went to bed a few hours earlier and had a huge dinner. O wait that might have a problem as well. I had dinner at like 9:00 PM and went to be at 10. But how could that cause muscle twitching.

    Also my dad says he only need about 5-6 hours of sleep. I could be over sleeping. I try to get 9 to 12.

    Also I think I might have some anxiety because I am use to making six figures and working 12 hours a day. I did that for 10 years of my life. Now I am a poor college student which my wife takes care of me. I wonder if this could be psychology as well.

    There was a time when I had Amino Acids 2222 and Gold standard Whey Protein that was expired and the lid was not sealed tight. I had they for a little while; wonder if my body had toxic amino acids for a while and now reacts to them?

    Well I slept great for the past few weeks. The only thing I did different was work out a little late by very easily; not hard. Eat a late dinner. Had a half of a beer; and maybe mix cycle assist with Revolution PCT and pure test before I went to bed. And had a small protein shake before dinner.

    Also do you think I could have over trained because my body just feels like it needs a lot of rest? I worked out tri-ceps like a week and a half ago mildly and they still hurt today; pretty bad. I think I need a long break. And if I do need a long break how do I work out so I donít lose everything even though I am injured. I just feel like a lot of my muscle are injured.

    Summary Questions:

    1. I know this is a lot. I was just hoping someone could shed some light on all of this.
    2. Please advise me on what to do or if there is anything I can do.
    3. Also I do not have very good insurance pretty much if any so I am relying on you guys.
    4. Please help me.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a wonderful day. Please help!


  30. UPDATE:

    Ok I might have found something. Last night my head was raised and I was not flat on my back. When I got flat on my back the spasms went away. Right now I just got home from hitting some golf balls real hard and my middle back start to hurt I think from straining. I went to start taking a nap and of course I felt some spasms. I had a pillow under my head and was lifted up. When I took the pillow away and lay flat they subsided I believe.

    I wonder if I have injured a nerve or have a pinched nerve or something. I do not have major pain when normal walking or hanging around; but if I hit a couple of large buckets of golf balls pretty hard I have some major pain in my rear center back.

    I wonder since my joints have been all sucked up and dry and I did not do a proper PCT I am feeling all sore and weak.


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