Should/Should-Not add an AI to a 2wk-on/2wk-off clen run?

  1. Should/Should-Not add an AI to a 2wk-on/2wk-off clen run?

    Was curious if it would be beneficial to add a mild AI like Erase Pro/Erase/Nolvadren-XT to a clen cycle. If yes, would T-3 on top of this be overkill?
    I've heard people running it with it or hating against it. I'd love to hear either from experience or your broscience behind the reasons. Thanks guys!
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  2. This is an interesting question hope someone with some insight answers haha

  3. never heard of anyone running mini cycles on clen, I would ask that question at ironmaglabs or anabolicsteriods forum. I don't think anyone here could answer that

  4. I've done my research & I'm going to run that PES stack erase pro & anabeta with 3 g of DAA daily. With the clen & oxy elite.

    I'll 2 weeks on clen.

    Then start the PES products (do a clean month on them)
    4 x Ana beta daily & 1 x erase pro daily

    Run oxy elite on my 2 weeks off clen & then 2 weeks back on.

    Finishing clen & PES stack the same day

    Run 3G of DAA daily for the duration.

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