Test e cycle

  1. Test e cycle

    Got my hands on some Test-E looking to do 500mgs a week for 10weeks. I also have some Oral Turinabol should I use it to jump start or towards the end???? First cysle in about 1 1/2 years. Thanks Bros

  2. At the end imo

  3. Id use it as a kick start while you wait for the test to kick in but u rly can't go wrong either way.
  4. Smile

    Ok thanks guys....any other opinions need a tie breaker

  5. Running test-e with a 4 week dbol kicker. Lovin it

  6. No mention of an AI...

    that said, if it was me, I would eat the turinabol at the end. I'd let the leng ester test build up for awhile.

  7. I say at the end because tbol frees up shbg. It basically frees up testosterone in the blood allowing you to get more from the test e. But both ways you will make gains

  8. Well I picked up some more Test so I think I going to stretch it out to 15wks. Have PCT ready Nolva and Clomid.

  9. Any other thoughts??? gonna jump start with the tbol and finish up with some win tabs


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