test e

  1. test e

    I'm about to start a ten week cycle of test e. 500 mg per week. Has anyone done this and if so what can I expect? Also advice is appreciated! Thanks

  2. No one here does that sorta thing

  3. Quote Originally Posted by wicked442 View Post
    No one here does that sorta thing
    Lol, is that like a math test?

    Op what is your training history and stats? Do you have a pct?

  4. I've been seriously training for about four years I'm 5'10" and I weigh about 185 and yes it's nolvadex

  5. Op I can't figure out if you are a man of few words or don't have much knowledge of aas. So I will just say your cycle can go one of two ways, you can end up looking like a Greek god with hulk strength, or you can end up with boobs(I should say boob, for whatever reason gyno seems to never develop evenly) and a limp dick. The more amount of knowledge you have the better chance the cycle will be a success, so read read read and ask specific questions and you will be g2g.



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