Help with blood work after PCT

  1. Help with blood work after PCT

    I ran a 5 week cycle of epistane. Had a terrible on cycle support and PCT

    Anyway since I have finished my PCT, I have felt lethargic, moody and my Libido is dead.

    Anyway here are my blood results today

    LH 14.4 (1.5-9.3) iu/L
    FSH 11.2 (1.4-18.0) iu/L
    Oestradiol 193 (<146) pmol/L
    testosterone 29.1 (8.0-26.0) nmol/L (before cycle it was naturally 40.9)
    Cortisol 1059 (119-618) nmol/L

    So from what I can see my cortisol and estrogen are way to high. I wouldn't mind my test up a little either.

    Could this be casuing my lack of Libido?

  2. Yes. Just chill out, let things normalize. If you really want you could take something like a pharma or OTC AI to help normalize.

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