1st cycle: Predator Plexx: h-drol / M - sten

  1. 1st cycle: Predator Plexx: h-drol / M - sten

    ok so for my first cycle im going to be running the prohormone Predator Plexx for 4 weeks.
    This product contains 12mg Methyl stenbolone, and 50mg H drol.

    Ill be taking the following supplements.
    1. Creatine monohydrate
    2. Citruilline malate
    3. beta alanine
    4. CEL Cycle Assist
    5. I have himilaya liv 52 aswell

    PCT supplements
    1. Neogenix supremacy (testosterone booster)
    2. DAA
    3. and Clomid

    I just have a few questions that i hope some of you can help me out with. im trying to make this cycle go without a hitch.

    First, Can anyone help me with proper PCT doseages for Clomid? ill only running this product for 4 weeks.
    Is it wise to use a liver Detoxifier during the entire PCT?
    Should i use an over the counter estrogen blocker like I3C on cycle? or should i just have nolva or arimidex on hand (however ever unlikely the case that gyno occurs?)
    How androgenic is M - sten and Halodrol? ive read that theyre both 5a reduced steroids so will i have to worry about hairloss?
    I know its my first cycle, but would it be ok to add 25mg more of H-drol from another supplement (Purus labs halovar), bringing the Hdrol to a peak doseage of 75mg?

    thanks for the help,

  2. Well man, if you are shut down, youre shut down. Your clomid will probably be the same as it would be for other things. 50/50/25/25 or possibly 25 all the way through. Have a good ai just in case although I doubt you will have problems. 50 mg is good for a first cycle IMO, its what o ran solely for my first cycle ever with great results.

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