Epi/stano cycle

  1. Hey guys. I'm login my epi/stano cycle and will be posting prolly once a week. Here is what I'm running...

    Lgi epi-10 and ironflex stanozane 200 for 6 weeks like this


    Along with support supplements

    Pct will be torem like this
    If anybody thinks it should be ran different let me know.
    Also erase
    And daa Ed for whole 6 weeks of pct

    I'm 31 years old 6'1'' 192 lbs. I have been training for around 12 years and this will be my second ph/ds cycle. I did a halo/lmg/tren stack with good results. Bf is approx 15%

    My goals are to gain some good muscle and drop body fat. Please follow along and comment or suggest thanks!

  2. Im doing almost the same cycle. Only differences are im starting the stano 2 weeks before the epi (8 weeks stano, 6 weeks epi) and also my epi doses are 10 more each week than you have. And my pct is a little different. Good luck man! If your joints are good and you have joint support you could up some of your epi weeks probably

  3. If you ran halo/lgm/tren stack and the side were not horrible i would bump up the epi. Epi is pretty mild compared to tren alone

  4. Thanks man, yeah I took that stack about 4 years ago not knowing what I was doing and I took OTC novedex xt for pct WTF was I doing lol. No sides tho thank god but it was a low dose of each only 60 mg of each per day.

  5. Maybe we can compare results, may I ask ur stats?

  6. Haha ive seen that happen before. My brother would have done the same had i not looked it over. And yeah, im actually starting friday (pre-cycling right now) and im going to re do all my measurements this weekend, so ill post those.

  7. Sweet man best of luck to ya!


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