First cycle plan, please review

  1. First cycle plan, please review

    I've had a few 20 ml bottles of 250mg/ml test enanthate at my disposal for awhile, but have been holding off on using them until I was absolutely certain that I was ready psychologically to use them. I've been busy pouring over material on proper injecting procedures, dosage patterns, etc. for awhile now, and could use some help in tweaking my cycle plan for the first time out.

    I plan to use 500mg of test e per week, injected twice weekly, likely monday and thursday, for a duration of 10 weeks. I am undecided as to whether I should utilize the d-bol that I have on the first cycle, or save that for future use, as I do have enough test already for 2 full cycles. The thing that makes me iffy about using the dbol is the explosive weight/strength gains that the compound is noted for, as I don't know whether my joints would take those kind of gains very well.

    For estrogen control, I have a bottle of liquidex on the way. I purchased femara for this purpose, but given that I know I'm gyno prone (have lumps from ph/ps usage), I'll be dosing nolvadex throughout the cycle. As nolvadex and femara are contraindicated for usage togehter, I've decided to use liquidex instead. Dosing levels remain to be seen, I may save it for if and when bloat becomes an issue. I am undecided what level to dose the nolvadex at however, as I've heard number ranging from 10-20mg/day, depending on the level of arormatic substances used in the cycle. Also, it is liquid tamoxifen citrate that I will be using, would that entail dosing more in the neighbourhood of 30mg/day in order to obtain the full 20mg dose of actives?

    I ordered my pinning supplies today, but think I might have goofed up a bit, as I ordered 1 inch needles instead of 1.5 inch needles. Will the 1 inch needles be too short, or should I make the switch up to 1.5 inches? I'll likely draw with 23 gauge and shoot with 25 gauge.

    I also will be picking up HCG for the cycle, a 5000iu bottle. I haven't decided when to start using it yet, as I recall the stated useful life of the product being 60 days once reconstituted. So it should be fine for 7 weeks or so, which would have me starting HCG therapy in about week 5 or so, in order to last the rest of the cycle. I'll be injecting subq twice a week once I start using the HCG, likely the same days as I inject the test e for convenience.

    If I can manage to get my hands on some superdrol, I will likely throw that in for the final four weeks of the cycle, dosing at a level of 20 mg or so until 10 days past the final test e shot, at which point I will begin post cycle therapy.

    PCT will be 3-4 weeks of nolvadex therapy, pyramiding down the dosage as the therapy progresses. I'll be using a 7-keto transdermal as well for cortisol control.

    That's everything I can think of at the moment, and all the questions I have for now. Feel free to critique any of my plans, or make any suggestions as how to modify things for better results.

  2. i'd bump the length up to 12 weeks
    i share your concerns about dbol as the strength gains would tear my shoulder apart
    the a-dex you should be good with .5mg eod as for the nolva, given what you've written, start at 20mg ed and work it out from there

    HCG run it 7-13, assuming you run this cycle 12 weeks
    start PCT between 13-14

    have fun

  3. I do have a bottle of test prop that I could use for an extra few weeks I suppose, but was planning on saving that one for a future cutting cycle, in combination with tren most likely. I suppose whether or not to extend the cycle will depend on how things are progressing during, and whether or not the gains have started to slow at all by the time I get to the 9 or 10 week mark.

  4. Just bumping this one up once for any feedback, anybody?

  5. Start the HCG from the get go, or no more than about 2 weeks into things at the latest IMO. Swale's protocol works fantastically...

    People should be starting to know what I'm gonna say about the dbol by now... Take it, love it, live it It's such a great compound and so cheap that I'd even suggest running it for 6 weeks instead of just 4. Since you're taking nolva ED anyhow, I doubt you'll notice more in the way of sides than feeling great every day and a little water weight.

    Otherwise, looks good man. The 1" needles are fine if you're not fat, and will work perfectly for anything, except maybe a glute shot. For pecs/shoulders/bis/tris/quads you will have 0 problems.

  6. Hmm, I was trying to save a little bit of money on HCG by waiting until partway through the cycle before starting it. Running throughout will require me to pick up a second bottle of HCG, and my suppliers price on the stuff is a little steep. Do you think it'll make a noticable difference to start running HCG right from the start of the cycle?

    So that's one solid vote for using dbol, I have 100*10mg tablets at my disposal, which will last me almost 5 weeks at my intended dosage of 30mg per day.

  7. Well, that really depends on you. I personally like to make sure everything stays at 100%, I don't really like toying with my balls

    If it's really a big deal to pay for another vial of HCG, you can start 4 or 5 weeks in, and see how you do with that. If it doesn't work out for ya, you won't be totally ****ed because a 10 weeker isn't going to mess you up too badly. HCG is super cheap though man, I pay like 15 bucks for 4500iu, look around some more... Domestic sources are crap for it, but you can bring it across the mexican/canadian border legally (declare it and they'll give it back to you), and international sources tend to have rock bottom prices on it because it really is that cheap. Best of luck source hunting

  8. I'm actually located in Canada, but my price is closer to 70 bucks per bottle, hence my slight bit of hesitation in purchasing more. I will definitely have to do a bit more digging around for a cheaper source.

  9. Yeah man at that price I'd try just starting late and seeing how that works for you. Next cycle when you have better connections you can run it the whole way through.


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