Second Stack Ultimate Please Advise

  1. Second Stack Ultimate Please Advise

    Allright, here it is. This is my second cycle. First was finaflex. I have not been able to find real Winstrol, so i am going to try something else. How's this look?

    IGF (long)
    Cycle assist
    fish oil
    milk thistle

  2. holy ****. if there was a moron hall of fame award, youd win it.

    for someone that is aparently 32, i expect a lot more than what youve been posting. first looking for someone to link you to some winstrol. then taking finaflex 1andro and fuking your libido up due to no pct because you "couldnt find a serm." and that was all this month

    now youre trying to jump right back onto another steroid run and you come up with this shet? if you couldnt even pct correclty on finaflex, you will most definately fuk yourself up on an active steroid stack and T3. plus combining albuterol and clenbuterol? dafuq kind of reasoning lead you to that?

    i can tell by your threads youre looking for a short cut. just stop. no steroid in the world will lean you out if you dont even know how to do it naturally

    btw, whats "stane?"

  3. Stane is what will be in his pink punk panties after that dumbass cycle

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