Ok well this is my very first log I have some cycles AAS and PH but I don't log anything cus I'm afraid of being flamed lol. Well I'm not a fan of pre stacked prohormones at all but I've always had a curiosity for them and reviews for them on the net are dim. I wonder if people actually die? Lol. Emass3x is 5mg Methyl Sten,Max Lmg 15mg, and CynoStane at 10mg. This is a little fun run for a little Recomp after my back injury.I got REALLY FAT BTW. But after months of cardio and no.weight training I look "alright". I was gonna run it with some test prop but this undisclosed website stole my money..... Anyways I'm gonna make with what's do before the summer.

I'm 24, 208lb, 6"0

Deadlift 515, Squat 405, Bench 275 (Ehhh)

Calories are 2000-3000 Protein 200-300 g, keeping complex carbs at a moderate.

6 week split.

Support Supps: Organ shield

B-6, B-12

Fish oils


Vitamin D bro !!!!

A HD and Solid (***** ****)

Cycle assist

Ptc: Clomid on hand prob gonna buy some Erase and DAA tmw

Clomid 150 first day 100 second then 50/50/25/25

eMass3x Gonna run 2/2/2/2.

Really not good at this log thing so give me some tips and my cycle will start tmw morning. Pray for me guys.

If sides are bearable at week 2 I might change it to 2/2/3/3