Cutting Cycle

  1. Cutting Cycle

    For a guy 185 pounds and 13% bf. what's the best cycle to cut. The only other ph done is finaflex andro. Age is 32 and sorry if this is kind of newbie. I really don't want to get much heavier because I surf. Actually would like to harden up and get stronger And faster for swimming and running and heavy lifting.

  2. anavar is good for cutting.. but it all comes down to diet and training. tell us more about your diet and training so people can guide you in a better direction.

  3. Well i pulled a muscle in my shoulder, so I thought it would be a good time to lose some fat. My typical eats are:

    6am 4 eggs
    9 am protein bar with coffe
    10 am handful of almonds
    12 pm pb j sandwich on wheat
    2pm can of tuna and half a yam
    5pm pb j before workout
    8pm 1 pound of lean ground turkey with a table spoon of low sugar ketchup

    Try not to use salt on anything
    And I do add a cheat meal like 2 or 3 times a week when work buys lunch: maybe pizza or panara

    Now I'm taking oxyelites pro (on weekends) and trying to eat like this:

    6am 4 eggs
    Lean turkey and steamed broccoli
    Lean turkey and steamed broccoli
    Lean turkey and steamed broccoli

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