Get Back On?

  1. Get Back On?

    I started a Mecha run almost two weeks ago. I was on 50mg for 6 days and then had to stop because of girlfriend issues.

    I did no PCT other then some DAA, as directed by many, in to replies that I was only on for 6 days.

    I can't really tell if I reached homeostasis yet but I do feel good, other then some depression, in which I think involve more circumstances then anything.

    In anyone's opinion, do you think getting back on cycle would be a bad move? It would end up looking like 1 week on, 1 week off, 3-4 weeks back on and then PCT.

    I am more concerned about my hormones but I am enticed to start again if it seems reasonably safe.


    Previous 3 cycles have gone well, just not this one.

  2. if youre still having gf issues or if theres possible issues around the corner, then no dont start back up. you were lucky it popped up 6 days in instead of 3-4 weeks in,that would of ruined the whole cycle. if youre absolutely certain the drama is died down, or your over the breakup, or whatever happened, then go ahead. last thiing you want is another distraction while on cycle, especially if its gonna lead to slight depression and alcohol with friends

  3. Don't think it should hurt my hormones?

  4. Well, any more then a normal cycle?

  5. not if your other one was 6 days in on something as mild as mecha. if it were sd or somethin, then youd need more time off. but i think youll be fine in that area. i doubt you were supressed much if at all anyways

    if youre having doubts,then just wait it out a few more weeks. no rush or anything



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