is test honestly the best first cycle??

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  1. I'm thinking about getting Test to start my first cycle. Still researching everything.

    Sounds like an awesome option I just need a connect.


  2. Even long esters should be pinned at least eod to avoid peaks....I've noticed less side effects even at a gram....

    And speaking of...test makes a good first cycle and a good tenth cycle lol....even after tren, deca, eq, mast and various orals, my favorite for big lean gains is straight up high dose test...can't beat it!!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  3. Check out professionalmuscle. com..........
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by DangerDave View Post
    I would burst your dbol for 6 weeks. I have been bursting orals and the results are great. On non lift days take 25mg when you wake up. On days you lift take one with breakfast, lunch and 1 hour prior to lifting. Now if you are lifting every day that wont work. Split it up like this (m,w,f are y our HEAVY BRUTAL workouts)- Sun- 1 dose at lunch or breakfast Mon- 1 dose AM, Lunch 1 hour prior to lifting Tue- breakfast or lunch Wed- just like monday Thur- Like tue Fri- Like mon and wed Sat- like sun, tue and thur This blows blood levels through the roof on heavy days but by takeing low dose in between days i found bloat, back pumps and lethargy arent as bad. Play with it and remember halflife of dbol is about 4-6 hours. On multi dose days time it so you dont go more than 5 hours without taking one and last dose should be 1 hour prior to lifting.
    With prohormones you can't do that I'm guessing ..


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