link between body fat and gyno?

  1. link between body fat and gyno?

    Ive Been Seeing Recently In My Research That If You Have Real Low Body Fat That You Have Less Of A Chance Of Developing Gyno On CYcle MaYbe Even ToThe Point Of Not Needing An AI...Im About To Start My FiRst CYcle And Am Really Interested In This As I Have Very Low Body Fat...I Will Be Running An AI regardless

  2. first off, why do you capitalize every word? fat cells produce estrogen, so im assuming thats where this hypothesis stems from. depending on what cycle is in question, you BF% may have absolutely nothing to do with your risk of developing gyno. i wouldnt wager to much on this hypothesis. if you have enough of an aromatizable hormones in your body, they are going to start to convert to estrogen unless otherwise manged with an AI. so i wouldnt say being lean puts you at less of a risk, but perhaps having a higher BF% may be reason to be extra cautious in regards to estrogen management.
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  3. My Phone Capitalizes Every Word Ever Since It "Upgraded"

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