4-hydroxytestosterone (4-oht)

  1. 4-hydroxytestosterone (4-oht)

    Just picked up a tube of dpol and bought a supplement that has 4- hydroxytestosterone in it. The serving size is 3 caps in which it contains 75 mg's of the 4-oht).
    Ive seen the 4-oht is not very bioavailable but I just want to know what you guys think. Can I take the recomended serving alongside d-pol and not have to have a standard pct? I do believe it is a mild steroidal suicide inhibitor and in theory could boost the effects of the d-pol. Theres not a lot of info on 4-oht because it has been banned(around 2004) so I'd appreciate any input.

  2. You are mistaken, becaus it's steroidal in nature it will further supress your natural production. Save the dpol for after the 4oht. And no, dpol is a nice add in but not remotely enough pct for any cycle.

    Is this the Dragon Nutrition stuff from across the pond?

  3. No. "Magnatest reload". From the usa

  4. Pretty sure thats the metabolite forma breaks down to. So youre not too far off with thinking its a suicidal a.i. Cuz forma is but my thing is im not sure if 4oht still has an a.i. Effects after. I really need to stop smokin cuz theres more i wanna say but i cant remember. But regardless of what it is a byproduct from, there is a chance for suppression.

  5. Sounds like this stuff will be very mild results and sides wise, a quick google is saying structurally similar to Clostebol (Mag is the methyl oral version of clostebol) in that there is no dht or dihydronandrolone conversion. Gyno shouldn't be a concern.

    People who run mag at 75-125mg e/d praise it for keepable lean gains and nice strength increases that come on steadily with low to almost no sides and don't report shutdown coming in as early or hard as stronger compounds. This isn't methylated, and nobody is really using it, so I wouldn't expect any real gains standalone from this. I'd save it as an add-on to a more proven cycle.

  6. It is what forma breaks down to according to what ive read about it. I guess ill have to plan a pct instead of using this as a stack with my d-pol. But my thinking was if people use formastane for a natty cycle, I figured this would mild enough to do so as well (poor bioavailability). So its good as a stack in a stronger cycle.... gotcha

  7. formestane is steriodal, therefore there will be some suppression, however slight, and it is NOT a natty cycle. Just an extraordinarily mild cycle. I would feel totally confident in saying a SERM would be unnecessary here; just buy any otc natty pct that has many good reviews (ReCycle, Revolution PCT, AD-3 PCT, etc) and stack it with the Dpol. Best thing is, the suppression would be so minor you should only continue to grow during the pct month. So although it's not 'natty', its like an 8wk natty cycle in effects.


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