SD tren stano cycle

  1. SD tren stano cycle

    So I'm a week into my SD tren cycle and was thinking about adding stano this week. My cycle is as follows
    And was thinking adding stano at 600 a week for the remaining 3 weeks to harden up and help with lethargy. My on cycle supps are purus labs organ shield, b6 and extra milk thistle.
    My pct lined up is clomid and re-n-force by super human nutraceuticals and I have letro on hand incase of gyno.
    Any input would be appreciated

    ps. my starting weight is 180

  2. I did a SD/trendione/stano cycle a couple months ago and it was AWESOME. I will never do another cycle without stano. However, I would say run it at 800mg. I ran mine at 1k, but for my next cycle (Im doing SD/tren/stano again) Im gonna go back down to 800mg so I only need two bottles. You might want to think about running the stano for another 2 weeks after you stop the SD to help solidify the gains. My cycle will look like this:

    SD: 30/30/30/30/0/0
    Tren: 60/90/90/90/90/90
    Stano: 800/800/800/800/800/800

    Last time I ran the tren at 105. but that was super expensive. This way I only had to buy two bottles of stano and two bottles of shredded labs tren. Best of luck with the rest of your cycle.

  3. The only thing is I'm a Lil tight on money at the moment..I'm a full time college student only making 250 a week part time..I have some cel stano-drol coming in and I guess I could order another bottle in a week. It's 90 capsules at 150 each I believe so it would be 4 a day already which equals out at about 22 u are saying to run stano another 3 weeks after the end of the cycle then pct or the last 3 weeks with pct? BTW it is awesome I'm already up about 4lbs but it may be just because I've been carb loading like a monster

  4. Run the stano for another 2 weeks after the end of the cycle and then do pct. congrats on the gains so far! gotta love the carb effect on sd haha

  5. Will do! I look forward to the rest of this cycle and also the hardening from stano! Does it make u significantly harder and more defined or what? I've never ran stano

  6. yeah it definitely did for me. muscles were a lot harder and there was a noticeable improvement in definition and vascularity as well.

  7. awesome! i am excited for it to come in..i have been wanting a hardening compound. and more vascularity and definition sounds great..especially after i get my gains from the sd/tren stack. super stoked and will update in a week or so. i am hoping i can hit 200lbs by the end


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