Epistane/Tren Cycle

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    Lightbulb Epistane/Tren Cycle

    So I have ran cycles before, and I've looked into quite a few cycle possibilities that I may run later on this spring, and have decided I may go with epistane/tren. I've planned out a cycle but feel like I'm forgetting something.

    I figured I'd see if anyone has any recommendations or advise on how to make it better. I thought about adding 4DHEA for a test base, maybe using Nolva/Clomid together since they have a synergistic effect, etc.

    So if anyone has any advice for me or pointers, please let me know.

    5 Week Epistane/Tren Stagger Cycle

    Preload: Hawthorne Berry, Milkthistle, Liver Support, Fish Oil, Celery Seed -- 2 weeks.

    On Cycle: Epistane 30/30/40/40/0
    Tren 0/80/80/90/90
    I would be taking about 6-8g of fish oils daily (due to dryness of both compounds) as well as the hawthorne berry,
    milkthistle, liver support, and celery seed throughout. As well as a decently high dose of Cissus for joint pain.

    PCT: Starting either the last week of the epi/tren (week 4) or the last week with just tren (week 5) i plan to start Nolva at
    20/20/10/10 (first 3 days at 40mg). as well as 3g of DAA daily as well as another natural test booster. I figured once i
    got to the last week or two of Nolva, I would start taking an AI, like Erase, and finish the bottle, tapering down at the
    end. Also i would continue taking the fish oil, milkthistle, liver support, hawthorne berry, and celery seed. Most likely
    the Cissus also.

    I seriously feel like I'm forgetting some things, any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Lean xtreme control cortisol

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