UG Pharma Vengeance Review?

  1. UG Pharma Vengeance Review?

    I've seen this product online a few times and a guy I know sells this ph at a store I shop at. Has anyone by chance tried this product? I know each capsule has: 25mg halodrol, 15mg epistane.

  2. did you start already?? i have never heard of this brand before but those 2 compounds are good for a beginner "cycle"..... you dont need both in 1 though, i really hate when companies do this... if you wanna cut i would say go with EPI.... if you wanna gain LEAN mass with minimal to no water weight go with HALO...... halo is definatley better of the two IMO, try helladrol or epi-strong, or EVEN Katanadrol v3.0, but thats for fat loss only you wont gain much muscle at all with that one

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