Need quick help

  1. Need quick help

    Im looking to gain quick muscle mass and strength gains. Ive been doing quite a bit of research the past few days to try and find something to help, but i dont know whats best. Again, im just looking grow my muscle mass and put some more pounds on my bench and deads. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance

  2. FOODadrol, guaranteed to put on mass and strength.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lucky04 View Post
    FOODadrol, guaranteed to put on mass and strength.
    Yeah thats hilarious

  4. FOODadrol, guaranteed to put on mass and strength.

  5. Everyone wants quick mass and strength...

  6. Sorry man but I've seen a couple posts where you are kind of asking for someone to spoon feed you a cycle. Nobody is going to do that on this board. Maybe try researching a compound with support supps and PCT. Come back and post "hey guys, how does my cycle look?"

    You will get much better feedback.


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