First Cycle Questions

  1. First Cycle Questions

    Im thinking about running my first test cycle and had some questions after doing my own research. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

    I am going to run a Test prop and Anavar cycle. Test prop for 10 weeks 100mg every 3 days so 300mg a week. Anavar 6 weeks everyday 15mg tabs 2 in the morning 2 8 hours later.

    Here are my questions. Arimidex while on cycle. When should i start and stop taking it and dosage?

    For PCT Nolvadex, Clomid, and HCG. When should I start and stop these? Dosage as well? I read I should use HCG while on cycle as well.

    If I missed anything or if anyone has any input I would really appreciate it.

  2. How old are you and cycle history?
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  4. HCG can help recovery faster also prevents testicular atrophy

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