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    I did a SD and H-drol late last summer. It consisted of SD,..10,20,30 and starting second week I threw in H-drol,..50,75,100,125, 150 for a total of six weeks. I achieved in my opinion pretty good gains with strength and size. I don't do very many PH cycles a year usually 2 in a 12 month period. I'm getting ready to SD cycle again and I don't know if I should just do SD for four weeks at 10, 20, 30, 30 or do it like I did the last time and throw in H-drol or epi at week two or three. I also have a bottle and a half of proto-max I could use up. I know methylated are pretty toxic alone and shouldn't be ran together. I have all the pre-cycle and post cycle supplements and nolva, aegis. Anybody wants to give some input on how they've ran these PH before and had good results feel free to chime at. And I'm almost 50 so you guys in their 20s keep in mind that I'm an old fart. I've even thought of running the H-drol or EPI first the last 3 to 4 weeks doing SD. But I thought that might be a little rough on my body.

  2. Holy sides batman I could not and would not run hdrol at 150 mg a day. If I were you I would look into 5 alpha test or stano. You could also look into topicals, or run the sd at a lower dose and run it for longer. If you do run the sd for just 4 weeks I would go 20/20/30/30.

  3. I actually felt pretty good that six week I was on 150 of h-drol and the only sides that I noticed at all were joint pain like I said I'm 49 years old so I just figured the joint pain was typical. The only reason I stacked sd and h-drol to begin with was my age. But I think this time I will just try to run SD by itself for four weeks instead of three, and that way with the post cycle regimen it will cut the cycle time down and maybe be able to squeeze in three cycles in a 12 month period.
    Thanks for your input it's always nice to get others opinions regardless of what your age is.

  4. Run a non methyl with SD. LIke trenavar or something.
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  5. Thanks

  6. I would suggest an SD/ alpha mass cycle. Run it like this,

    Alpha mass

    This final 4 weeks of alpha mass will really help solidify those SD gains with out any methylated toxicity.

    If you run 2 cycles a year why not go a little longer (week cycle) and really enjoy your self.
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