msten cycle help for a noob

  1. msten cycle help for a noob

    so im going to be starting a cycle soon of assault labs msten. so far i have protex for on cycle and post cycle 3x for pct. i have some tomoxifen that i bought a while ago during an earlier failed cycle (my first -- halovar). it expired in 09/12. it has always been stored in my room so a constant comfortable temperature, is this still good to take or should i get some new stuff? from what iv read most pills will last long past the exp date but this is something i dont want to mess with. also would what woulb be best to stack with this? looking for mainly size gains. current stats are 69in, 162lb, DL 365, SQ 315, BP235.

  2. First nolva is still good. Second why did u bail on first cycle? 3rd no need to stack. I'd run the msten 6 weeks at 16-20mg. Maybe add in some type of dhea 4 product.

  3. thanks for the reply. i figured the tomox was still good just wanted to double check. the first cycle i was just at a tough spot in my life, ended up getting wisdom teeth removed and than the flu so it ended up being a waste of a 3 week cycle. so this is kinda like my first cycle, but not totally. what do you reco for a dhea product and when should i be taking it?

  4. There all good, I'd go with the cheapest one with the most dhea 4. I run test e year round so I don't keep up with the dhea's

  5. thanks sir, ill grab some dhea and i guess just run it throughout youre saying? stuff seems pretty cheap

  6. No not dhea, you want dhea 4. Dhea will convert to estro at a high rate. Dhea 4 is in products like dermacrine, alpha bulk...ect

  7. so is 4-dhea same as dhea 4?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by lurker44 View Post
    so is 4-dhea same as dhea 4?
    Yeah, it's a metabolite of dhea.

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  10. Thanks I was waiting for some one to chime in


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