x-mass by generic labz

  1. x-mass by generic labz

    Hey everyone I am going to start my second cycle. I used this product about 3 years ago and had good gains so I bought a few bottles and stashed them in the freezer for a later run. I am 31 weigh 198 and have been lifting for about 6 years on and off (more on than off) I will be running a 4 week cycle of generic labs x mass (estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione) I will be running this 2 weeks at 80mg and the other 2 weeks at 120. I ran the same dose and length last time and had very little sides but libido loss. I need help from you guys on building a good pct on hand I have Clomid, endosurge, erase, daa bulk powder and recourse I have no problem buying additional supps I just wanted to see what you guys would run for pct and at what dose. Also is there anything I can take on cycle to keep libido up a little bit? I was shut down pretty hard last time I ran this but I did bounce back rather quick and kept most of my gains. Thanks for the help and I am looking forward to run this again.

  2. I will also be taking multi vit, fish oils, vitex for prolactin, b6, Hawthorne berry, liver sup all while on cycle

  3. Bump need some help guys

  4. Think you have pretty much what you need (Clomid, Erase, and DAA)

  5. Awesome thanks how should I dose those I want to make sure I am going to recover quick

  6. Also should I use the endosurge? That stuff works great for me

  7. Not sure about the endosurge. But this should work

    Clomid: 50/50/25/25
    DAA: start on the last week of cycle and continue until gone
    Erase: 0/0/3/3/2/2/1/1

    Maybe some more expierenced guys can chime in but that should get you started

  8. What was your last PCT? You mentioned you've cycled before?

  9. Awesome thanks for your help. Last time I cycled I use to reversidol Clomid and fenugreek it was ok but libido loss was a bitch

  10. This one of my favorite supps of all time. It works. Keeping your gains is another matter.

  11. toss in some reduce xt and pct assist, then youll have no worries

  12. True that BBB any advice? Hoe should I dose the reduce xt? I really would like to keep as much as possible. Sure do hate seen them come and go

  13. 3 caps e/d, starting last week of cycle, and continuing throughout pct.

    1 bottle at 3 caps e/d will last you 4 weeks, I would want two, in order to run higher during the first 3 weeks, and then taper down.

    run the serm at reg dosage 4 weeks of pct (clomid this means 50mg, nolva, this means 20mg), and start the ai during week 2 or 3 of pct running 4 weeks.
    all in all, pct should be about 7-8 weeks.
    with the new trend of using clomid at 25mg e/d to sky rocket test levels after pct, I may try running clomid at 25mg post the 4 weeks and continue on to see how this effects things.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by stout1out View Post
    True that BBB any advice? Hoe should I dose the reduce xt? I really would like to keep as much as possible. Sure do hate seen them come and go
    I've tried a lot of PCT's over the years. The best that I've found is a combination of Test Force 2 (the only DAA that works for me), COP (use PA's brand or mix with baking soda and make sure it fizzes), Creatine Mono (any brand), Beta alanine (any brand) and 6 Bromo. I sometimes add Diesel Test Hardcore for a little extra boost but it's not really necessary. I not only keep my gains but I can actually grow on this stack. I also keep my cycles short, 3 weeks. It limits shut down and makes keeping gains easier.

  15. Thanks bbb I will deff try this on another run sometime I might be putting this run on hold for a minute because I don't have enough Clomid I only have 14 doses at 50 mg. Any other options for this run with that amount of Clomid or should I just hold off until I can get more

  16. On deck I have 14 days of Clomid 2 bottles of endosurge bulk daa creatine mono one bottle of erase one bottle of reversitol and a bottle of recourse would be nice to run otc with Clomid on standby just not sure this compound is pretty strong. Anyone have any ideas

  17. Anyone???

  18. I use Formestane for my AI. It's the best for a lot of reasons.


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