1. 1-test

    i have a client who wants to take 1-test and i am not familair with it. I'm gonna do a fina 4-ad. Anyway, if takes it by itself for 6 weeks how should he do it? In 8oz of 99% dmso. How many application per day. And how much 1-test powder should he but?
    thanks bros

  2. 1 test alone will destroy libido and cause lethargy. I would go with some T1 pro from this site.

  3. well i think he is set on the 1-test. will his libido go back to normal? i personally dont care cause it aint me, you know!

  4. T1 pro is 10g 1 test and 5g 4ad

  5. you think adding the 4-ad would produce better gains than 1-test alone?

  6. Absolutely. Go look in the cycle info forum. There are many cycle threads(myself included)

  7. yes--form what ive heard--it should be better--im about to start a t1pro cycle now--so ill let you know-
    i did 1ad alone previously with some pretty good gains--about 15 lbs--probbaly not all lean

  8. thanks guys, so i'll tell to get some 1-test and 4-ad. How many grams of each?

  9. Originally posted by iisahillbilly
    thanks guys, so i'll tell to get some 1-test and 4-ad. How many grams of each?
    The stuff is premade here. Look around.

  10. yeah i know all that, he just wants to make his own a bit stronger and order the **** today.

  11. No need to make it stronger, guy. I did 8-10 squirts T1/day. How much more can you possibly do, before you start seeing some of the negative side effects? Has he done ph's before? How long has he trained? What's his diet like? How old is he? THis **** isn't a joke. He better know what he's doing before he goes and messes with his hormones.

  12. I certainly wouldn't do 99% DMSO myself. Have you checked out the Recipe section? I know this was an old way with fina pellets, but that's asking for major irritation and smell (breathe).

  13. he is a middle age cop!!! lol, that bastard just back out on me, told me that he cant afford to take any supps for another month. Oh well!!
    And i know this "****" isnt a joke. Why elese would i have posted for the help?
    Jweave - i had a buddy who just did a 6 week cycle using the 99% and he had no bad breath or oder, he also he felt that **** going straight on in his system. I figure ill give it a shoot and see how i react. i am fixin to start a fina 4-ad 6 week.


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