Adivce on leftover supps for PH use?

  1. Question Adivce on leftover supps for PH use?

    One of my friends is moving out west, he decided to sell me almost all of his supps for a bulk buy of about 200.

    With his supps and my current stack my supp list is below, as you can see this is a LOT of stuff I don't need and there is a lot of duplicity, I put question marks next to items below and in my potential cycle/pct to show I am thinking these items may not be needed or they should be used in a different way:

    Creatine Nitrate
    OT Multi
    Krill Oil
    Lean Xtreme?
    Reduce XT?
    Posiedon NT
    Nimbus Bodyguard
    BCAA + Glutamine powders
    Russin Bear Gainer?
    Is0Mass Gainer?
    Gold Feast
    Athletes Food

    I think I will toss the gainers (or give em to my roomate since he is just starting to workout and wants to put on mass of any kind, the Russian Gainer is hilarious, read the label if you have the time). Gold feast and Athletes food are mine that I like for immediate wake up and post workout use (if food is a tight or tought option due to time).

    As for the other stuff, most of it was his but I am wondering everyone's input on what to throw out and what to stack.

    "These are mostly crap, what would you stack crap for?" well I was thinking about running a mild PH like ProMag or Hella, I like what I read from Promag for it's versatility and mild sides. I also like hella for its total recomp and lower sides. I figure I could get by with running 70 promag or 75 hella for a nice intro cycle. I would pick up some clomid as pct and get some SARMS for a bridge/recovery affect (Gw + MK low dosage during last week of cycle through PCT).

    With that in mind what are everyones thoughts on a 6 week PH (70 to 75mg a day depending on PH mentioned above) with the forma, transaderm, multi, krill, n2 guard, creatine nitrate, and leanxt?. Obviously Bodyguard would be intra and the bcaa will be used regardless. I like the poseidon for sleep as well, helps after a crazy workday to get a nice relaxing sleep. PCT would be clomid, creatine nitrate?, paragon, ultima?, hemavol?,toco-8?, swoll-n?, reducext? multi, krill, with low dose of MK & GW sarm for continued strength & endurance gains/keeps.

    There's a lot of bs I don't need or that should be used for PCT rather than cycle (and vice versa). Overall goal is to gain a few lbs of lean muslce but I'd rather firm up and just get cut up right in time for May and the beginning of summer.

    Sorry for the long post (and stupid questions) any thoughts would be awesome.

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    I know it's a war and peace lengthed post and is loaded with some stupid supps and questions but any thoughts would be great...I want to make sure I experience minimal sides and my levels of e, t, cortisol, and prolactin stay within normal ranges...would forma be better for cycle or pct? I have seen it used in either but rarely for both full cycle and pct. I would try and do a 6 week pct to be extra sure I have normalized and kept as much strength as possible.

  3. wrong section

  4. Sorry wasn't sure if this was supps or ph forum bc I need advice on which supps would be best with a hella or Pmag cycle and which are best for pct or should be chucked.

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